It’s the third week of the 2010 fantasy baseball season, and the fantasy injury bug has already been biting. And it seems pretty damn hungry.

With players like 2nd basemen Brian Roberts and Aaron Hill out, you might find yourself in need of a new infielder. Don’t worry; there are several players on the waiver wire that are ready to step up.

Akinori Iwamura – 2B – The Pirates are in a full-on rebuilding mode, and they’re doing it the right way. However, they still need to field a team for 2010. After flipping veteran 2nd baseman, Freddie Sanchez, to the Giants for a very talented pitching prospect, they acquired Iwamura from the Rays. So far, so good.

He ranks second among all 2nd basemen in both Runs and RBIs over the last seven days with 7 of each. He’s still available in 93.5% of ESPN leagues, a number that should be decreasing rapidly.

Juan Uribe – 2B, 3B, SS – The Giants offense would look pretty good if the year was 2005. Instead, it’s a bunch of washed up players surrounding Pablo Sandoval.

Some of those veterans have been playing pretty well so far, though. Uribe is off to a very hot start, hitting .360. Combine that with his position availability, and he just might be the hot pickup of the week.

Jose Guillen – OF, DH – Guillen is still available in more than half of leagues, despite absolutely killing it for the first two weeks. He’s hitting .350 with 5 HR. But if you need an outfielder, you’ll need a quick trigger finger with Guillen. He’s been flying off the shelves

Dallas Braden – SP – Braden has appeared 3 times, making 3 quality starts. He made Seattle’s hitters look absolutely silly, despite not being able to pick up the win. So far, he’s kept the runners off base. He allowed just 1 walk in each game, and his WHIP is an outstanding 0.75.

Carl Pavano – Fantasy players were scared away by Pavano’s 5.10 2009 ERA. But, if you look into it further, you’ll notice that hitters were getting very lucky against Pavano. His FIP, which adjusts ERA for luck, was 4.00, so it shouldn’t come as so much of a surprise that he’s off to such a hot start.

Hopefully you don’t find yourself needing these players. But soon enough, you will. I’ll be posting these articles each week, so you’ll have no excuse for getting caught with your pants down when one of your fantasy baseball players goes down.

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