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It’s been a rough start to 2010 for our Cubs as they have yet to get themselves above .500.  The main concern early this year has been the bullpen issues.

It’s gotten so bad, in fact, that the Cubs brass have decided to move Carlos Zambrano, one of our horses, to the pen.  When I was begging to get John Grabow out of the set-up man role I wasn’t expecting Big Z to be his replacement.  I’m still not a fan of that move, but I know some liked it.

Another huge problem for the Cubs is their offensive consistency.  Through 23 games this year the Cubs have amassed 101 runs.  The problem is that 47 of them (7.83/game) came in the six games against the Brewers.  They’ve averaged just over three in their other 17 contests.

Looking at the Cubs lineup, there are some bright spots with guys like Marlon Byrd and Kosuke Fukudome playing well, but sluggers Aramis Ramirez and Derrik Lee are struggling.  In order for the Cubs to consistently put up runs, they’re going to have to get these guys back on track.  They’re getting baserunners, they’re just not getting those runners in.  It’s a problem Lou got a bit snippy about in a recent interview.

A definite strength for our Cubbies is the starting pitching.  Four of the Cubs six pitchers who have started a game this season have an ERA below 3.00 (Dempster, Wells, Silva and Gorzelanny).

I don’t think anyone expected Silva or Gorzelanny to be doing this well to start the season.  They’ll need to keep it up with Zambrano’s recent move to the pen.  Lilly came back strong but got peppered in his second game back against Arizona.  Hopefully he’ll right the ship in his next outing.

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