If you’ve been taking my sleeper advice recently, you’ve probably filled most of the holes on your fantasy baseball team, and are moving up in your league’s standings.  If you haven’t been taking my advice, well, it’s probably because you’ve been busy with all of your Ohio parties.

You may find yourself with a newly injured or slumping or injured player. You may just be stumbling upon these pieces. You may have been ignoring your team for the first 2 months of the season.

Whatever the case may be, some of the best sleeper picks I’ve mentioned this year are still readily available.

Corey Hart: Hart began the year splitting time in Right Field with Jim Edmonds.  When Carlos Gomez went down, Edmonds took over in Center, while Corey took on all of the starts in Right.  He’s made the most of this recent surge in playing time.  So far, in May, Hart has hit 6 home runs and with an OPS of .988.  He’s still available in 51% of ESPN leagues.  Get him while he’s still hot.

Clayton Richard: Richard has been lights out this year.  His ERA (2.73) and WHIP (1.36) are below sea level, and his Ks (41 in 56 IP) are keeping pace.  I’m not sure if he’ll keep it up, but he’s got one major thing going for him.  He plays in pitcher-friendly San Diego.  Even if you think Richard is due for a setback, he’s worth a pickup this week, as he plays the Nationals at Petco.

Orlando Hudson: Talk about a dynamic player.  He ranks second among all 2nd Basemen in Runs, and he does everything else well enough to keep your roto team’s mouth above water.  Available in 34% of ESPN leagues, Hudson is the type of player who allows you to trade Cano, Utley, or Pedroia for a position of need, while barely skipping a beat at 2nd Base.

Josh Willingham: He’s available in 31% of ESPN leagues, and in points leagues, he has been 2010’s 14th most productive outfielder.  Although his AVG is a wimpy .267, his OBP is more than 150 points higher, at .425.  But with 8 home runs, and a SLG of .504, he’s proving that when he does hit the ball, he crushes it.  Imagine Mark Reynolds with the ability to draw a walk.  Now imagine him on your team.

Gordon Beckham: Sure, I’ve notified you of other great picks, but I want to remind you of the 5 that I think are most likely to succeed going forward.  Gordon Beckham has had a rough 2010, coming off of his great rookie campaign.  He seems to be turning it around now, though.

Ozzie Guillen gave him a rest at the beginning of last week, and it seems to be helping.  He’s hit .333 in his last 5 games, and he’s batting .500 in his last 3.  Beckham is a very talented player, but his prolonged slump has caused him to be available in 50% of ESPN leagues.  He could quite possibly be the ultimate buy-low candidate.

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