We are 2 months into the fantasy baseball season, and at this point we’ve got five types of sleepers.  First, there are the guys who nobody knew at the beginning of the season, but have been tearing it up for two months straight, proving that they’re the real deal.  They are called the No-Names.

Andres Torres fits that description.  In 31 games for the Giants, the outfielder has made himself an every day contributor.  He’s batting .307 and has scored 21 runs.  He’s still available in 94% of ESPN leagues.

Another type of midseason sleeper is the antithesis of the No-Name. They are guys who everyone knew at the beginning of the year. They got off to a rough start and people started dropping them like crazy. Now, they sit, primed to bounce back to their career numbers. They is the Discarded Stars.

Yunel Escobar has certainly been a Discarded Star in 2010.  He’s spent some time on the DL, and been struggling when he gets playing time.  His average is hovering around the Mendoza line, despite his career .293 AVG.  Although his average hasn’t gotten back to where it should be, he’s managed to score 9 runs in 15 games since returning from a groin injury.  Expect his production to return to normal in June, for a player who is owned in fewer than 40% of leagues.

The third type of June sleeper is the Delayed Call-up.  His team waited until the middle of May in order to keep him under team control for another year.  He wont accrue a full year of service time, so he won’t hit arbitration for an extra year.  They also might wait until June in order to assure the player doesn’t reach Super 2 status.

Buster Posey is this year’s Delayed Call-up sleeper. Obviously, Stephen Strasburg will get most of the attention, and will probably be the most productive.  However, being owned in more than 99% of leagues makes it hard to call him a sleeper.

Posey was called up to the Giants over the weekend, after absolutely raking in AAA Fresno.  He was hitting .349 with a .442 OBP and an OPS of .994.  His Catcher and First Base eligibility, along with his 61% availability mean that he could provide a huge boost to your offense.

The fourth June sleeper category is for players who were injured in May, and are about to make their return.  While they were gone, their owners needed to find some production, so they became impatient and dropped them. Because of their bum knee, bum groin, or bum arm, these players are aptly named, The Bums.

Brian Roberts and Jair Jurrjens come to mind, but both are a couple weeks away from returning to the majors. Carlos Gomez, on the other hand, recently returned from the disabled list, and is only owned in 7% of leagues.  Carlos Gomez is a Bum.  Even if he won’t help you with your average or your power, he will certainly help your stolen base category roto leagues.

The final June sleeper is a player who is not very good, but for one reason or another, has gotten red hot.  This player is called The Streak.

Ramon Hernandez will be seeing quite a bit more playing time with Ryan Hanigan’s broken thumb.  So far, he’s done quite a bit with it, homering twice in Saturday’s game.  He’s not a guy you want to keep on your team for any length of time.  However, if you need a catcher because of, say, a thumb injury, you might want to ride him while he’s hot for a week.

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