It’s call-up season.  Clubs are beginning to bring up top prospects without running the risk of them becoming Super 2’s.  A Super 2 is a player that acquires more days of service in his first 2+ years than 83% of players who qualify.

In order to qualify, players have to acquire 86 days of service time in their first year.  If they are in that top 17%, they will become eligible for arbitration a year earlier than non-Super 2’s.  This simply means that their club will start paying them more money, sooner.

Naturally, organizations want to keep this from happening, so they keep top prospects in the minors until mid-May or early-June.  Now that it’s June, teams are bringing these prospects up, without having to pay them more money.

A few no-longer-super prospects have already been called up.

Obviously Steven Strasburg made his debut this week, absolutely rocking the Pirates, as well as everyone’s mind.  He showcased his four ‘plus-plus’ pitches for everyone to see.  And, Lordy, were they ever good.  Just take a look at The Hardball Times’ pitch f/x article.  I haven’t seen a guy throw that hard, with that much movement since Randy Johnson.

Strasburg is no sleeper, though, since he’s owned in all leagues.  Buster Posey, however, is available.  Posey hit his first career home run on Wednesday night.  In just 12 games, he’s hitting .450 with 6 runs and 6 rbis.  Plus, he’s been playing 1st Base, so you can stick him at your corner infield position, and also start him at Catcher when Russell Martin needs a day off.

Michael Stanton is a name most fans hadn’t heard of until this week.  He got lost in all of the Heyward/Strasburg hype.  He was the 3rd best prospect going into the 2010 season, behind the two aforementioned studs, and he quietly hit .312 with 21 HR in 189 AB at AA Jacksonville.  He got off to a good start, going 3/5 in his debut, but be cautioned that he’s making the jump from double-A to the majors, so the water could get choppy.  He’s still definitely worth a look, though.

With Orlando Hudson hitting the DL, you may be looking for a temporary middle infield replacement.  The Pirates’ recent call up, Neil Walker, could fill that role.  He’s been red-hot since hitting the majors, and worked his way up to 2nd in the Pittsburgh lineup.  He’s been playing over his head (.327 AVG, 7 Runs, 7 RBI, 2 SB), so he’s bound to hit a slump, but that doesn’t mean he won’t continue to hit well for the next week or two.

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