The fantasy baseball world suffered a terrible loss Wednesday with the loss of Buster Posey.

The broken leg Posey suffered in a freak play at the plate broke the hearts of fantasy owners everywhere. There is only a handful of owners in each league that actually feel good about their catcher. Now, there is one more rummaging through the scrap heap.

Maybe that’s why most of the major networks decided to overreact to the injury and start calling for sweeping changes in the rules concerning going into the plate. I understand Posey is the glory boy of the Giants and ESPN, but one or two injuries a year aren’t a reason to change a 120-year old rule.  But I digress.

What I’m here to talk about is moving forward and getting on with our fantasy lives post-Posey. It’s not going to be as fun and it’s not going to be as easy, but there is still some hope out there. `

Here are five guys probably on the waiver wire that can ease the pain just a little bit:

Jarrod Saltalamacchia – Boston Red Sox

In baseball terms, it’s been forever since Saltalamacchia (pictured) was a highly-touted prospect in the Braves farm system. In reality, Salty just turned 26 and probably didn’t forget how to hit. Some guys just take a little longer to develop and he might be right on the verge.

In the last two weeks, he’s hitting .320 with four homers and seven RBIs. There might be safer options, but this risk could have a high payoff.

A.J. Pierzynski – Chicago White Sox

This isn’t a very exciting choice, but if you have a solid team and just don’t want your catcher to hurt you A.J. could be your guy.

He’s a career .280 hitter that will probably give you 10-14 homers and get close to 60 RBIs. Those aren’t exciting numbers, but serviceable from the catcher position.

Miguel Olivo – Seattle Mariners

Olivo is another wildcard in the deck. He’s probably going to hurt you in average (career .245), but he does have power in spurts. He hit 23 homers two years ago and 14 last year, so he has some potential.

If you are willing to ride the wave, especially in a rotisserie league, Olivo should help you more than he hurts in the long run. In head-to-head leagues, you can feel free to use and drop when he goes cold, but keep an eye out for the next hot streak.

Chris Iannetta – Colorado Rockies

When real teams don’t have a good catcher, they often go platoon-style, so why not try it with your team?

If you are an active owner, grab Iannetta and start him when the Rockies are home (21 games, .266 avg., 4 homer, 13 runs, 13 RBIs) and plant him on the bench on the road (18 games, .169 avg, 1 homer, 3 RBI).

Wilson Ramos – Washington Nationals

This is more of a speculative add banking on the idea that the Nationals will either trade or just stop playing 75-year old Ivan Rodriguez. He’s had a great career, but the 23-year old Ramos might be the future in Washington, it’s time to see if he will be part of the Steven Strasburg-Bryce Harper Era.

He’s shown some signs that he can be batting about .250 with three homers, 11 RBIs and 18 runs scored in two-thirds of the time of a starter catcher. If the Nationals do the right thing, he could pay fantasy dividends as well.

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