MLB — 13 September 2011

For baseball fans, it’s just about playoff time. You may be an avid fan who follows your team every day on its home network or with an MLB TV package, or you could just be a casual observer who gets more excited for the postseason. Fortunately, this October, just about every playoff game should be available to you on a basic Cable Television, making it easy to follow all of the action this fall. With this in mind, here is a brief look at how the standings look with regard to playoff spots.

National League West – In the NL West, the race is all but over, and has been for some time. While a comeback from last year’s World Series champion San Francisco Giants is still numerically possible, the Arizona Diamondbacks appear poised to secure the playoff spot out of the West.

National League Central – The Central race also looks to be just about over, though once again there is some small possibility that the St. Louis Cardinals could make a dramatic run. However, in all likelihood the Milwaukee Brewers will be the team representing the Central division. St. Louis, meanwhile, has an outside shot at the Wild Card, as they remain 4.5 games out (and 3 games ahead of San Francisco).

National League East – In the East there is virtually no chance that the Philadelphia Phillies lose hold of the top spot. With 94 wins already, the Phillies are almost certainly on their way to the best record in baseball. However, the second place team, the Atlanta Braves, should get a nice consolation prize, as they currently hold a 4.5 game lead in the Wild Card race.

American League West – This may be the last meaningful division race in baseball, as the Los Angeles Angels have caught up, and are now only 2.5 games behind the Texas Rangers, with roughly 17 games to play. However, as of now the Rangers are still in the lead.

American League Central – This division wasn’t quite sealed as of a few weeks ago, but the Detroit Tigers are surging ahead, and now hold a comfortable 10.5 game lead over the Chicago White Sox, and an 11 game lead over the Cleveland Indians. The Tigers could conceivably end up with the American League’s best record.

American League East – Typically one of the most hotly contested divisions in baseball, the East is once again uncertain with only a few weeks to go. Currently, the New York Yankees hold a (very) slightly comfortable 3.5 game lead over the Boston Red Sox. The interesting thing in the East, however, is whether or not the Tampa Bay Rays can catch up to Boston. The Rays are currently 3.5 games behind Boston, and whoever wins that race should almost certainly earn the AL Wild Card.

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