MLB — 10 April 2012

The Detroit Tigers had a huge decision to make after news broke that Victor Martinez would have to have knee surgery. The organization had two choices; search for an average hitter, or shock the world by signing one of the most powerful hitters in baseball to a massive contract. They decided to go down road “b”, and ink Prince Fielder to a $214 million deal, and that’s already proving to be a great move.

Fielder joins Miguel Cabrera to pose by far and away the best one-two punch in baseball because they both have different skill sets.

Fielder is probably the most feared power hitter in the game. He’s hit at least 30 homeruns in five of his six first full seasons in the league, while maintaining a career .283 batting average.

Miguel Cabrera has the whole package. Miggy can hit .340, smack 35+ homeruns, and drive in 120+ runs. Cabrera is a once in a generation type of player because of the tools he brings to the table, and if you put him alongside Fielder, you have a recipe for success.

This duo combined for four homeruns on Saturday, each of them hitting two rockets. Some teams would be lucky to hit four homeruns in four games, let alone in one game coming from only two batters.

Tiger’s manager, Jim Leyland is a very, very lucky man. With two players like Fielder and Cabrera who have the talent to account for more than half of their team’s runs, winning games becomes easy because the bottom of the order rarely has to produce. Unfortunately for the rest of the American League, the Tiger’s bottom half of the order is arguably the best in baseball. Pieces like Austin Jackson, Alexa Avila, Jhonny Peralta, and Delmon Young fill out a dangerous Tigers lineup.

Just ask the Red Sox pitching staff how deep the Tigers lineup is. I’m sure Josh Beckett and company can enlighten you because they got first cracks at trying to shutdown this lineup, and they didn’t fair too well, getting swept right out of the motor city.

Probably the scariest part about the Fielder/Cabrera duo is how many more years they will be together through their prime. Fielder is only 27 years old, while Miggy is just one year older at 28 years old.

Sure, the slugging Fielder might not be hitting 40 homeruns a year in the ninth season of his contract, but he’s just entering his prime and Cabrera will follow a similar path. With all accolades and awards these guys have one already won, just think how many more they could win while remaining on the same club hitting alongside each other.

I have two words of advice for the rest of the league; watch out.

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