Player News — 14 April 2012

The Cleveland Indians have been atrocious on the offensive side of the ball through their first six games. An eight run outburst on Friday against the Royals is encouraging, but there have been no signs of consistency.

With those offensive woes, veteran Johnny Damon is now officaly a Cleveland Indian. Pending a physical, Damon signed for $1.25 million, but can earn another $1.4 million in incentives. The deal also includes a no trade clause and an out clause based on Grady Sizemore’s progress.

Sizemore underwent surgery for a herniated disc on March first and he was expected to miss up to eight weeks.
Unfortunately for the Indians, Damon will likely need at least ten days and possibly up to three weeks to work himself back into game shape. That sets him up for a mid May debut.

Whenever Damon arrives, he will likely be slotted in left field, a spot where he only played 16 games last season. Damon isn’t in his twenties anymore, so defense could be an adventure for the veteran Damon.

Fantasy Analysis

You shouldn’t even consider picking Damon up at the moment. Nobody knows how long it will take him to get back into shape, and when the time comes his swing will be rusty.

When Damon does return, keep him on your radar, but that could be weeks away.

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