Week 3 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

It feels like there is already more than one full week in the books, but don’t start to panic about any slumping stars yet. Slow weeks don’t even get noticed in July stats, it just seems bad now.

It’s actually a good time to try to get some guys from anxious owners at a slightly discounted price. It never hurts to send trade offers (but don’t get ridiculous like Omar Infante for Jose Bautista, it just hurts your credibility).

That isn’t the point of this column though, these are the guys generating a little bit of buzz now that players are starting to get hurt and roster spots are opening up.

(Percentage is based on ownership in Yahoo Sports! Fantasy Baseball Leagues.)

Adam LaRoche, 1B, Washington Nationals (43%)

I know I mentioned him before, but he’s still just 43 percent owned despite being third in the MLB with 12 RBI. He’s hitting a robust .341, which of course is unsustainable, but his best months are always the summer months. He’s always owned in the second-half, this is all just bonus.

Chipper Jones, 3B, Atlanta Braves (36%)

I’m fully aware that this isn’t 2003, but Chipper still has the skills when he’s actually healthy. Right now he’s feeling good with two homers and five RBI in just 12 Abs. I can’t recommend him in a weekly-lineup league because a guy getting hurt on Tuesday is killer, but in daily leagues you can do a lot worse.

A.J. Pierzynski, C, Chicago White Sox (22%)

Another oldie, but goodie. AJ has always been a .280ish hitter and now he’s planted in a run-producing slot in a better-than-expected White Sox lineup. You know Paul Konerko will get hits and If Adam Dunn is actually getting on base Pierzynski’s singles could be driving in runs fairly regularly. Getting a run-producing catcher can be underestimated.

Lance Lynn, P, St. Louis Cardinals (46%)

There’s a good chance Lynn is already owned in your league, but if he isn’t get to the wire quickly. He’s had two strong starts and has the stuff and pitch variety to keep it up. He has a strong 13:3 K:BB ratio and should be in a position to get plenty of wins in a horrid NL Central.

Jake Peavy, P, Chicago White Sox (40%)

Don’t pick him up expecting the former Cy Young candidate Jake Peavy, but you can get a useful back-of-the-rotation starter at least. He just held the Tigers to two runs and has 13 Ks to go with a 3.55 ERA and 0.95 WHIP in his two starts.

Sergio Romo, RP, San Francisco Giants (45%)

In competitive leagues it might be too late, but he hasn’t officially been named the closer now that Brian Wilson is shelved. Based on Sunday’s usage it appears Romo will be the guy over Sergio Casilla. The good news is even if he doesn’t get all of the save opportunities he can still be useful because of his strong numbers.

Brad Lidge (38), Henry Rodriguez (32), RP, Washington Nationals

The co-closers have actually looked like such so far. Lidge is more proven but Rodriguez has better stuff at this stage of their careers. Right now neither is a full-time closer, but there is some save potential if you are feeling lucky.

Rick Porcello, P, Detroit Tigers (20%)

It seems like Porcello has been around forever, but he isn’t even close to turning 24-years-old yet. This is why I can forgive the inconsistency from a first round pick. He has started strong though and would seem to be in shape to get a fair number of wins with that offense and pitching against a lot of back-end rotation types.

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