Week 4 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

Now that we are entering the fourth week of the season, it’s possible to start drawing some early conclusions about our teams.

Don’t panic yet, I don’t think Albert Pujols is going to go homerless this season, but it’s never too early to address some weaknesses. The waiver wire is a great place to take some chances.

(The number in parenthesis is the percentage a guy is owned in a standard Yahoo Sports league.)

Alex Rios, OF, Chicago White Sox (50%)

Rios is absolutely on fire the past week batting .520 with 6 RBI. He isn’t hitting for power, but maybe that is the reason he hasn’t matched his potential for much of his career. He has always been billed as a five-tool player, but maybe if he just focuses on four he can be a better player.

Colby Rasmus, OF, Toronto Blue Jays (50%)

Another guy touted as a top prospect that is having trouble breaking through. The move to Toronto didn’t jump start him immediately and he started slow, but he is hitting over .300 and showing some power.

Jason Kubel, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks (32%)

Kubel is definitely a better fantasy player that real player because of his defensive limitations, but we don’t care about that. He has shown he can hit in situations and is now getting the chance to do it every day in a good offense.

Stephen Drew, SS, Arizona Diamondbacks (27%)

Drew is running the bases full speed and should go to a rehab start this week. He has proven to be unspectacular, but he is at least a useful fantasy player and a suitable starter in 12 team leagues for sure. Sometimes taking advantage of injuries can really help a team.

Carlos Quentin, OF, San Diego Padres (32%)

He might be a little further away than Drew, but he is a power option off the waiver wire. He is hitting BP bombs already and if anybody can get them out of Petco Park it is Quentin. Power is not any kind of issue here.

Mat Gamel, 1B Milwaukee Brewers (17%)

Last week, Gamel hit .333 with five RBI and three runs. He finally seems to be getting comfortable as a starter after a slow start.

Phillip Humber, SP, Chicago White Sox (45%)

I shouldn’t need to tell you to pick up a pitcher who just threw a perfect game, but since Humber is still 55% available I guess I do. He obviously isn’t Cy Young, but look at his first half stats, 3.10 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, last year, he can be a solid rotation piece.

Daniel Bard, SP, RP, Boston Red Sox (37%)

The writing is on the wall, Bard is being tracked for the closer role in Boston. The bullpen has been a mess and Bard has shown he is a great reliever and totally unproven as a starter. Grab him now and you might not even has to stash him too long.

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