MLB — 12 February 2013

If there is a baseball team that was most talked about all over the world, the San Francisco Giants would definitely be on top of that list. It is worth noting that since they are the current World Series champions, they are the most likely target of other teams gunning for the top spot in MLB. Being one of the longest established baseball teams not only in the United States but all over the world, they have been able to win most games than any other baseball team in the history of US baseball play. Currently, the team has bagged 22 national league pennants, and has appeared in 19 World Series competitions, winning their most recent in 2012. The giants have won a total of 7 World Series championships coming a close second in the national tally to St. Louis Cardinals who have managed to bag the title 11 times.

Since the San Francisco Giants are the current World Series Champions, it would be safe to say that they are coming up with a proper strategy to make sure that they don’t lose the title in 2013. They were able to display a great deal of expertise last 2012 season. The professionalism of the players during the previous seasons is one of the key ingredients that they hope to uphold to win the World Series championship again this year.

The Giants’ team manager seems to be adopting the same kind of strategy that they applied in the previous seasons to trounce opponents this coming round. This would be a major factor to put into consideration, especially with many people holding the view that the San Francisco Giants would have to alter their mode of play to keep the game neutral. It would be safe to assume that this is not going to happen. Expect the gameplay strategy that gave the Giants the World Series championship to hold until positive results are achieved at the end of the day once again.

When Brian Wilson got injured only a few days into the 2012 season, many fans of the San Francisco giants started panicking. However, it only came to dawn on them that the giants still have lots of talent in their roster when they won the World Series later that year. Romo will be the man in charge as the SF closer and you can expect good piece of action coming from his side. People who wager on MLB may feel that the San Francisco Giants are still the team to beat in the upcoming 2013 season. The team’s actions only indicate that they are still hungry for another World Series Championship.

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