MLB — 24 June 2013
Betting Tips on the MLB

If you enjoy betting on MLB you might be interested to learn that baseball is becoming the most predictable of all team based sporting events. This was explored in the movie ‘Moneyball’ starring Brad Pitt which was based on how Oakland used data rather than scouts to assess the abilities of baseball players. The statistical analysis of baseball using big data is called ‘sabermetrics’ and as well as helping franchises to evaluate the potential of players, it can also be used to provide predictions of the outcomes of matches as well as being used to provide real time information that can be used to make predictions that are particularly useful for in-play betting.

Such technology is likely to change the nature of baseball betting, so to be in with a shout it is important to keep up to data with current baseball prediction trends. Fortunately much of this information is finding its way into the public domain, so keep your eye out if you want to stay in touch. In the meantime bring yourself up to data up on such things as ‘field independent pitching’, wins above replacement’, and ‘the Mendoza line’; they will prove invaluable to your success at MLP betting.

If your MLB betting is letting you down, or even if you are in the middle of a winning streak, then you might like to try a little MLB betting of an entirely different kind. Hot Shot is an online casino slot game that is themed on baseball and is developed exclusively for baseball fans. To try find the best online casino at This is a relatively low jackpot game with a $2,000 top prize but there are plenty of features to keep you entertained and it is fairly cheap to play. The minimum bet is just $0.25 and the payouts tend to be regular so you can just keep on playing without risking too much money.

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