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2011 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings | Starting Pitchers

Where to begin? With so many pitchers out there, how do you decide which ones to take? I think the best strategy is to go for value picks. The strategy here is to pick younger pitchers [...]

2011 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings | Shortstops

Talk about scarcity! Hanley and Tulo are first round picks, and Reyes is a second or third rounder. If you can’t get one of those three, Ramirez is solid. However, there isn’t much else to write [...]

2011 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings | Second Basemen

Second Base is one of the deeper positions, and I explain here (link) why it might be wise to wait until the later rounds to select one. There is lots of talent here, but lots of [...]

2011 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings | Outfielders

The top producers here are all the future of baseball. I know that it may look like there is a surplus of talent here, but when you need to fill 3-5 spots, that surplus disappears very [...]

2011 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings | First Basemen

  Be sure to draft a 1st Baseman early. If you wait past the 2nd round, you’ll be costing yourself at least 100 points. Guys like Konerko and Butler are good, but they make better filler [...]

2011 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings | Catchers

Catchers are fairly thin, as usual. Joe Mauer, Posey, Martinez, and McCann are the big four, but Carlos Santana wants a ticket to the party. Beyond him, though, you will either be taking a risk with [...]

2011 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings | Third Basemen

Third Base has a decent amount of depth, but there is still a significant drop-off after Zimmerman. If you choose to wait until the later rounds, here, just fill your Corner Infield slot with a First [...]

2011 Fantasy Baseball Draft Advice | Draft 2B Late

There are a lot of positions to fill in a fantasy baseball draft. A typical league has 10-14 position players, along with a double digit number of pitchers. With at least 20 starters on your team, [...]

Fantasy Baseball Draft Tips | Reevaluating the Back-up Catcher

  Who needs a backup Catcher? It’s the lowest scoring position in Fantasy Baseball. Why would you want Ronny Paulino (.259 AVG, 4 HR), when you can have Gaby Sanchez (.273 AVG, 19 HR). Sure, Catchers [...]

Fantasy Baseball Draft Tips | Stockpile First Basemen

  What is the most important position in fantasy baseball? Some would say Pitchers because they take up 10 roster spots. Some would say Shortstops for their all-around play. Some would say Outfielders because each team [...]