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Week 5 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

Week 5 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

I’m going to spare you all a long intro and get right to the point this week. Some of these guys I mentioned in the first couple weeks of this column, but at their ownership levels [...]

Week 3 Major Slump Report

Week 3 Major Slump Report

Yes, it’s still early in the season, but fantasy owners are starting to panic over some of their players. The list of players below is just some of the players who are in deep slumps. John [...]

Fantasy Baseball Deep Sleepers | Week 2

Fantasy Baseball Deep Sleepers | Week 2

The basic rule of thumb that I follow is that it takes a least a month before you can draw a definite conclusion regarding fantasy stats. Sure, there are exceptions when career numbers say a guy [...]

2012 Hot Streak Report | Week 1

It’s early in the season, we look atop the league leaders’ board and we see guys hitting .600, and we’re like “No way!” The real MLB fan and fantasy players know that those stats are based [...]

2012 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers | Week 1

There’s only one thing I love more than scouring the fantasy baseball Waiver Wire for the next impact player. Scraping what’s off the bottom of the Waiver Wire barrel. In this weekly sleeper column I’m going [...]

2012 MLB Injury News | 4/4/2012

We’re putting a new emphasis on helping our fantasy community with fantasy news this year. In addition to our reports on major MLB news and rumors, we’ll file a rundown of the loudest buzz around the [...]

2012 Fantasy Shortstop Rankings

Shortstop is a very weak position. Beyond Troy Tulowitzki, you have guys who either struggle staying healthy, or struggle with one or more category. Shortstops are falling off the boards relatively quickly, too. So, while you want to be [...]

2012 Outfielder Rankings

As we present our Outfielder rankings, be sure to plan your strategy. The way you approach outfielders in your draft depends on how many you need. Some leagues require 3, while some require as many as 5. If you [...]

2012 Fantasy Baseball Second Basemen Rankings

As we continue our 2012 fantasy baseball player rankings, we present our 2nd Basemen. 2nd Base is one of the deeper positions, however, there is a huge difference between the top two and everyone else. Whether you’re taking Robinson [...]

2012 Fantasy Baseball Rankings | First Basemen

We’re kicking off our first year of fantasy baseball rankings with the genius minds over at, just as they start things off from a baseball stand-point, as well. It’s an exciting time, and we thought [...]