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Breaking News | Manny Ramirez Set to Retire

According to a statement released by Major League Baseball, Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Manny Ramirez has decided to retire. The website of the New York Times is reporting that Ramirez, 38, had been notified by the [...]

2011 MLB Team Previews | Boston Red Sox

2010 was not kind to the Red Sox. Injuries and just plain bad luck led to a disappointing year for Sox fans, as they did not reach the playoffs and finished third in the division. With [...]

2011 MLB Team Previews | New York Yankees

The Yankees had a strong 2010 campaign, but were eliminated in the ALCS by the Rangers- earlier than many had expected. Their offseason was a disaster, as they lost out on the Cliff Lee sweepstakes and [...]

2011 MLB Team Previews | Tampa Bay Rays

Perhaps no team in the majors took as big of a hit during the offseason as did the Tampa Bay Rays. Losing the face of your franchise in Carl Crawford, a solid starter in Matt Garza, [...]

2011 MLB Team Previews | Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles are quickly becoming a popular breakout pick this year and with good reason. They greatly improved their lineup in the offseason adding numerous bats such as Mark Reynolds, Vladimir Guerrero, JJ Hardy, and Derek [...]

2011 MLB Team Previews | Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays had a surprisingly successful 2010 thanks in large part to the emergence of Jose Bautista, who ended up with a major league leading 54 homeruns, and great pitching from the likes of Bret [...]

2010 AL East Preview | Toronto Blue Jays

The Jays, like the Rays, are a team with some talent that is likely to get stuck behind the Yankees and Red Sox in the American League East. Aaron Hill and Adam Lind enjoyed breakout seasons in [...]

2010 AL East Preview | Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays didn't make many notable moves during the offseason, but they didn't need to. With good, young talent up-and-down the lineup, the Rays are a solid mix of speed and power. Last season, Longoria, Pena, and Zobrist [...]

2010 AL East Preview | Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles' lineup is an interesting mix of young players and experienced veterans. For every Matt Wieters and Adam Jones, there's a Miguel Tejada and Brian Roberts. [...]

2010 AL East Preview: Boston Red Sox

Despite the loss of Jason Bay, Boston's lineup headed into 2010 looks more well-rounded than it did a year ago. [...]