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2011 MLB Team Previews | Los Angeles Angels

The Angels suffered a down year in 2010. As if losing Figgins and Guerrero wasn’t enough, they lost Kendry Morales to injury. Despite losing so much talent, they still managed to win 80 games. The return [...]

2011 Team Previews | Texas Rangers

The defending champs had so much offense last season that their pitching only needed to keep them afloat. Unfortunately, they lost their biggest buoy when Cliff Lee decided to take his talents to Philly. The only [...]

2011 MLB Team Previews | Oakland Athletics

  It’s going to be hard to score runs in Oakland. They’ve put together a stellar staff to play in the pitcher-friendly Coliseum. Their offense, on the other hand is a bit underwhelming. Improved, yet still [...]

2011 MLB Team Previews | Seattle Mariners

The 2010 Mariners were all pitching and defense, but no offense. The 2011 Mariners aren’t much different. The loss of Cliff Lee has deflated their staff from great to good. The additions of Jack Cust, Miguel [...]

Seattle Mariners Quickly Becoming MLB’s Most Interesting Team To Watch

Last night, baseball fans turned their heads west to watch an Orioles-Mariners game. Most of those fans were actually headline writers, drooling in anticipation of the opportunity to print the words, Orioles Get Fisted. As Doug [...]

2010 NL West Team Preview: Colorado Rockies

The 2009 Rockies shocked everybody in 2009 by winning the Wild Card with a surge at the end of the season. Now, many are picking them to take home the NL West crown. [...]

2010 AL West Team Preview | Oakland Athletics

The A's may have finished in last place in '09, but 75 wins is nothing to sneeze at. Top-to-bottom, they are one of the youngest teams in all of baseball, and their lineup looks like one that [...]

2010 AL West Team Preview | Seattle Mariners

The Mariners were one of baseball's biggest surprises in 2009, winning 85 games and finishing in third place in the AL West. Young Felix Hernandez enjoyed a career year, and was rewarded with a new five-year, $78 [...]

2010 AL West Team Preview | L.A. Angels

Despite a season full of adversity, the Angels were still able to win the AL West by 10 games in '09. However, going into 2010, they've lost some parts essential to their past success, including John Lackey, [...]

2010 AL West Team Preview | Texas Rangers

While the rotation doesn't jump out at you on paper, hitting was actually the main problem with the 2009 Texas Rangers. Josh Hamilton battled injury, Ian Kinsler hit well below his career average, and Chris Davis and [...]