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Brewers OF Ryan Braun Suspended For Remainder of Season

Brewers OF Ryan Braun Suspended For Remainder of Season

Today, MLB has handed down its first suspension related to the Biogenesis scandal. Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun has accepted a 65-game suspension that will keep him off the field for the remainder of the 2013 [...]

2013 MLB Predictions: Post-All-Star Break Predictions For Playoffs and Awards

The Major League Baseball Season is more than halfway over. The best contenders have risen to the top, while the others have sunk to the bottom. There have been pleasant surprises like Boston and Pittsburgh. There [...]

Betting Tips on the MLB

Betting Tips on the MLB

If you enjoy betting on MLB you might be interested to learn that baseball is becoming the most predictable of all team based sporting events. This was explored in the movie ‘Moneyball’ starring Brad Pitt which [...]

MLB Free Pick For May 31, 2013: Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels

Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels Predictions and MLB Picks (Friday, May 31, 10:05 pm ET) I don’t know when I will get used to this being a divisional contest, but it sure hasn’t happened yet. [...]

The San Francisco Giants and Their World Series Success

If there is a baseball team that was most talked about all over the world, the San Francisco Giants would definitely be on top of that list. It is worth noting that since they are the [...]

Cardinals vs. Braves Controversy: Ump Made the Right Call

Less than three weeks after the Packers say they were jobbed by the last ever call by replacement officials in the NFL, we have a brand new sports/officiating scandal (Too bad infield-fly-rule-gate is too long and [...]

Top MLB Stories and News From Week 8

Top MLB Stories and News From Week 8

Each Week I recap the top story-lines, whether they are about a team, player, owner, fan, equipment, or whatever else is impacting the game. It’s Memorial Day, so while you’re busy remembering the great men and [...]

2012 AL Cy Young Award: Early Candidates and Predictions

Starting pitchers haven’t even made ten starts yet, but there have been some surprises in the American League. The much hyped up Yu Darvish has been nothing short of spectacular, but there has been one veteran [...]

Week 7 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Pitching Edition

The common saying in fantasy baseball is that you never over pay for saves. This year couldn’t be confirming that axiom any more clearly. Closers are dropping all over the place either because of injury or [...]

Early 2012 AL MVP Candidates

It’s early in the season to be predicting who will win the 2012 MLB MVP award, but it’s always fun. Josh Hamilton is the front-runner through the first month of the season after his four home [...]