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Week 7 Major Slump Report

Week 7 Major Slump Report

It’s already week seven of the fantasy baseball season, and it been a great journey so far. This week we have some players who have really been struggling at the plate, and they are listed below [...]

Week 5 Fantasy Baseball: Major Slump Report

As we enter May, there are a few players that are causing their fan bases to go on panic mode. I think you can guess who. Enjoy the latest edition of our hot streak report. J.P. [...]

Week 3 Major Slump Report

Week 3 Major Slump Report

Yes, it’s still early in the season, but fantasy owners are starting to panic over some of their players. The list of players below is just some of the players who are in deep slumps. John [...]

Fantasy Major Slump Report | Week 2

There are always a few players that get off to slow starts and end up having a great season. The guys below could very well have good years, but they are just struggling right now. Just [...]

2012 Major Slump Report | Week 1

Week one of the 2012 fantasy baseball season is in the books. There were some monster performances, and some not so monster performances over the weekend, and we have those not so monster players listed below. [...]

Week 15 Fantasy Slump Report

Trying to figure out which fantasy options just aren’t panning out lately? Rather than race around searching for different articles to find out who is struggling, we’ve got a fine list of sliding players right here [...]

Fantasy Baseball Slump Report | Week 14

Here are last week’s slumps, a list that includes some big names. Pull them from your fantasy baseball lineups if you need to, or decide if they’re worth waiting on, but keep in mind many of [...]

Major Slump Report | Week 13

As this week’s slump report shows, injuries can quickly derail a top-flight fantasy player’s season. Zimmerman and Sizemore are prime examples, and even though they are back on the field now, their loss of time on [...]

Major Slump Report | Week 11

Here are this week’s major slumpers, a list that contains some unusual names. Guys like Bell, Lincecum, and Rollins are usually known for their consistency, rather than their lack thereof, but nonetheless have found their way [...]

Major Slump Report | Week 9

This week’s slump report is riddled with familiar names, as several of these guys such as Dunn, Uggla, and Posada have yet to break out of their season-long slumps.  As always, take note of the slumps [...]