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How Much Did a Five Game Series Hurt the Texas Rangers?

Would the Rangers have allowed Game One's 8th inning disaster to happen with Cliff Lee on the mound? [...]

Fantasy Baseball 2010 | Re-Evaluating the Back-up Catcher

Who needs a backup Catcher? It’s the lowest scoring position in Fantasy Baseball. Why would you want Ronny Paulino (.266 AVG, 4 HR), when you can have Gaby Sanchez (.294, 12 HR). Sure, Catchers take a [...]

2010 MLB Break-out Pitchers | Tracking an Exciting Trend

With two true perfect games, one pseudo-perfect game, and two no-hitters, many people are dubbing 2010 as, "The Year of the Pitcher." While these individual feats are incredible in their own right, there is another pitching [...]

Fantasy Baseball Top Sleepers (Jun. 14th)

  It’s call-up season.  Clubs are beginning to bring up top prospects without running the risk of them becoming Super 2’s.  A Super 2 is a player that acquires more days of service in his first [...]

Fantasy Baseball Top Sleepers (June. 2nd)

We are 2 months into the fantasy baseball season, and at this point we’ve got five types of sleepers. First, there are the guys who nobody knew at the beginning of the season, but have [...]

Fantasy Baseball Top Sleepers (May. 25th)

  If you’ve been taking my sleeper advice recently, you’ve probably filled most of the holes on your fantasy baseball team, and are moving up in your league’s standings.  If you haven’t been taking my advice, [...]

2010 Fantasy Baseball Top Sleepers (May. 18th)

With all of the injuries in baseball, this could be a good week to make a move.  Some players are returning after long absences, while others are stepping up to take an injured player’s place. This [...]

Fantasy Baseball 2010 Top Sleepers (May. 11th)

We're out of April. May is the time of year when Ryan Howard and Prince Fielder come out of their slumps. The weather starts warming up, and stadium attendances begin to approach capacity. The rain is still [...]

Milwaukee Brewers | What to do With Trevor Hoffman?

Why am I even writing an article here?  Let’s be honest with ourselves.  That picture of Trevor Hoffman is more entertaining than any words I could put on paper.  I could write anything here, and nobody [...]

Fantasy Baseball Top Sleepers (April. 26th)

By the last week in April, players are starting to show you who they really are. Slumps and hot streaks are ending as players begin to regress to the mean. It’s time for you to take [...]