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2012 Fantasy Baseball Catcher Rankings

We continue to prepare for the 2012 fantasy baseball season with out player rankings. The catcher’s are up, and we’ve got Buster Posey claiming the top spot after missing most of last season with a tough [...]

2011 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings | Starting Pitchers

Where to begin? With so many pitchers out there, how do you decide which ones to take? I think the best strategy is to go for value picks. The strategy here is to pick younger pitchers [...]

2011 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings | Shortstops

Talk about scarcity! Hanley and Tulo are first round picks, and Reyes is a second or third rounder. If you can’t get one of those three, Ramirez is solid. However, there isn’t much else to write [...]

2011 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings | Second Basemen

Second Base is one of the deeper positions, and I explain here (link) why it might be wise to wait until the later rounds to select one. There is lots of talent here, but lots of [...]

2011 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings | Outfielders

The top producers here are all the future of baseball. I know that it may look like there is a surplus of talent here, but when you need to fill 3-5 spots, that surplus disappears very [...]

2011 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings | Catchers

Catchers are fairly thin, as usual. Joe Mauer, Posey, Martinez, and McCann are the big four, but Carlos Santana wants a ticket to the party. Beyond him, though, you will either be taking a risk with [...]