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2012 MLB Week One in Review

2012 MLB Week One in Review

Each Week I recap the top story-lines in pro baseball, whether they are about a team, player, owner, fan, equipment, or whatever else is impacting the game. We’re only one series into the season, but there’s [...]

2011 MLB Power Rankings | Week 3

We’re not even a week-and-a-half into the 2011 Major League Baseball season, so it’s still too early to truly separate contenders from pretenders. Teams like the Indians and Orioles are off to tremendous starts, while teams [...]

Breaking News | Manny Ramirez Set to Retire

According to a statement released by Major League Baseball, Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Manny Ramirez has decided to retire. The website of the New York Times is reporting that Ramirez, 38, had been notified by the [...]

2011 MLB Team Previews | Tampa Bay Rays

Perhaps no team in the majors took as big of a hit during the offseason as did the Tampa Bay Rays. Losing the face of your franchise in Carl Crawford, a solid starter in Matt Garza, [...]

How Much Did a Five Game Series Hurt the Texas Rangers?

Would the Rangers have allowed Game One's 8th inning disaster to happen with Cliff Lee on the mound? [...]

2010 MLB Break-out Pitchers | Tracking an Exciting Trend

With two true perfect games, one pseudo-perfect game, and two no-hitters, many people are dubbing 2010 as, "The Year of the Pitcher." While these individual feats are incredible in their own right, there is another pitching [...]

2010 AL East Preview | Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays didn't make many notable moves during the offseason, but they didn't need to. With good, young talent up-and-down the lineup, the Rays are a solid mix of speed and power. Last season, Longoria, Pena, and Zobrist [...]