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Week 8 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

Week 8 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

Last week, I went a little heavy on the relievers, so this week there’s some more offensive juice for you to browse through. All of these guys have their warts, but are strong in certain areas. [...]

Week 7 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Pitching Edition

The common saying in fantasy baseball is that you never over pay for saves. This year couldn’t be confirming that axiom any more clearly. Closers are dropping all over the place either because of injury or [...]

Week 5 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

Week 5 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

I’m going to spare you all a long intro and get right to the point this week. Some of these guys I mentioned in the first couple weeks of this column, but at their ownership levels [...]

Week 4 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

Now that we are entering the fourth week of the season, it’s possible to start drawing some early conclusions about our teams. Don’t panic yet, I don’t think Albert Pujols is going to go homerless this [...]

Week 3 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

It feels like there is already more than one full week in the books, but don’t start to panic about any slumping stars yet. Slow weeks don’t even get noticed in July stats, it just seems [...]

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Help | Week 2

The biggest key to a successful fantasy baseball season is knowing when to hold and when to fold. Make sure you are the guy in your league that ISN’T overreacting to the first weekend of games. Look at [...]

Opening Day 2012 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire

The countdown is finally done; the 2012 fantasy baseball season has arrived. It’s always hard to cut a guy before the games even start, so maybe this will serve as more of a watch list for [...]

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire | Week 16

It seems odd that an injury to Stephen Drew, who is having a largely disappointing season, could be classified as devastating. But this is the world of fantasy baseball in 2011. The dearth of capable shortstops [...]

Fantasy Waiver Wire Gems | Week 12

The plan for this space this week was to help your fantasy team gain a few precious points or games in the standings with an infusion of speed. Then fantasy’s version of Hercules was exposed as [...]